Monday, April 28, 2008

New Donations! Help The International Blessed Broodmare Project!

No, your not seeing things, that really is a lot of spots! All new Models 50% - 100% Donation to “The International Blessed Brood Mares”. Help save the life of unwanted horses and help them find new homes!

Meet “KGs Doctor Pepper” This pure gentleman is the Breyer G2 Appaloosa mold. He has been transformed into a stunning Bay Snowflake aka Reverse Leopard Appaloosa Gelding. He has all the details you could need from spotted under-parts, muzzle & eyes, to perfectly haloed white spots. This little darling will surely grab attention.
The body was a Donation by H & H Winners Circle.
KGs Doctor Pepper is for sale for $50. 100% of his proceeds will go towards ‘The International Blessed Broodmare Group.'
And here is little “KGs Freckle Bee” This little mischief maker is the Breyer G3 Highland Pony mold. Yup, another Bay Snowflake aka Reverse Leopard. This tiny darling is designed as a BLM Pony Mare. She has delicate frosting in her forelock and tail. All my customs come with glossy show hooves, and glossy eyes & nostrils for that wet look.
KGs Freckle Bee is for sale for $50. 50% of her proceeds will go towards ‘The International Blessed Broodmare Group.'

Isn’t he stunning! This gentleman is “KGs Pajama Rama” a stunningly detailed Breyer Stablemate G3 Thoroughbred to a Bay Snowflake/Reverse Leopard NezPerce Horse Gelding. The NezPerce horse, a cross between the Appaloosa and Akhal-Teke. This athletic gentleman is ready to win in the show ring for you. He has just loads of details on that flashy coat if his.
KGs Pajama Rama is for sale for $55. 50% of his proceeds will go towards ‘The International Blessed Broodmare Group.'

This one is hard to part with. I'm a fan of the old Breyer Running Stallion, and when they make this little Mini Running Stallion, I was in love! “KGs Prairie Duster” is the ultimate in BLM Mustang Stallions. This Bay Snowflake/reverse Leopard will WOW people in the show rings! This one is gonna hurt to go, but the real live horses will benefit from his new home.
KGs Prairie Duster is for sale for $65. 50% of his proceeds will go towards ‘The International Blessed Broodmare Group.’

And last but not least, do you need a perfect Cross Country, Hunter, or Jumper horse! Look no farther than “KGs Starlight Flight” This fabulous Knabstrup Gelding is done on the Breyer Stablemate G3 Jumper mold. He will knock the judges socks off in another Bay Snowflake/reverse Leopard Pattern. Talk about an eye catcher!
KGs Starlight Flight is for sale for $60. 50% of his proceeds will go towards ‘The International Blessed Broodmare Group.’

- All my models come with Glossed Eyes, Nostrils and Hooves. And all these appies have fully haloed spots as well.
- Each model will come with a Certificate of Registration and an identification number.
- All models will also come with their very own little carry-bag, and a Stone Wolf Creations Button!

Remember, not only are you getting a fabulous little mini to take home, but your also helping to save the life of great horses that would otherwise not be able to find a home.
All models will be listed to the MH$P under Vendor Kollean Gouyton, I'm heading there next…

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NEW April 22, 2008

Introducing "KGs Golden Romantic" Dapple Palomino Lusitano Stallion. This pretty boy will be heading home to EquineArt Creations with 3 more friends soon. He is done on theMicro Scale "Dressage Andalusian" Mold. But I though everyone would like a sneak peek!

Also completed (Yay! Finally painted some of my OWN horses). New "KGs White Gold" Cremello Spanish Mustang Mare. This pretty lady is a Linda York "Riata" Resin, she is Stablemate scale. This resin mold can be purchased through Resins by Randy Web Site.
Just a reminder, I will paint any resin for another of the same resin.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Box from EquineArt

Yup, another box arrived from EquineArt this week. Included are the new Micro Mini's Jumpering Mule, Galloping Foal, Performing Andalusian, and Flame Arabian Mare.

These models will be painted and shipped back to EquineArt for sale.