Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shetland Pony & More....

I'd like to first introduce "KGs Kidnap My Heart" this is the Yankee II resin sculpted by Paul Sanders.

This lovely Morgan Stallion has been finnished to a Flaxen Black Liver Chestnut Sabino.

And yes folks, this lovely boy is all mine! I MIGHT be tempted but not for anything less than $1200.

Next we have "KGs My Midnight Rose" a Breyer Classic Quarter Horse Foal model painted to a deep Mahogany Bay Blanket Appaloosa Filly.This lovely lady is for sale for $60. This next model is a traditional scale Ceramic stock horse mare thats been finnished to a Flaxen Liver Chestnut Splash Sabino Paint Horse Mare by the name of "KGs Independant Streak" completed on July 4th. She is for sale for $200.

This last handsome little devil is "KGs Mr Hot Pants" This stunning shetland pony stud was resculpted by Stephanie Lynn Hicks, and painted by me to a Blood Bay Roan Frame Overo. This little guy has so much personality. He was suppose to remain in my collection, however, I have decided to sell him. He'll soon be joining Esthers Herd!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sargeant is done!

Introducing "KGs Tiger Moth" a Dark Liver Sorrel Suffolk Punch. This pretty boy is FINALLY done and on his way home. Don't ask how long he's been on my desk. Lets just say I think he's spent 2 Christmas's with me at least.

The Sargeant Resin was sculpted by Janet Edington. I absolutely love his face, the shading, color, markings, he turned out stunning!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Been a while...

Sorry folks, I know its been a while and I havnt been keeping updated. A lot has happened over the months and we have many new models! Im just going to toss in photos at this point, if someone here interest you, please contact me through email about prices and other such.

Also, if your on Facebook (I know, its evil) im pretty much using that round the clock, and you can find all updates and new customs listed there.
Also, a percentage of all sales will go to "The International Blessed Broodmare Project" to help rescue unwanted horses.
"KGs Total Fractal" Black Leoparad-Tovero Ara-Appaloosa/Pintabian Cross *For Sale*
"KGs Sun Spots" Palomino Leopard Appaloosa Mare *On Hold*
"KGs Summer Promises" Blood Bay Tobiano Shetland-Chincoteague Cross Mare *Owned by Jeanne Grunert*
"KGs Sultans Magic" Blood Bay Sabino Arabian Stallion *Owned by Kathy Gouyton*
"KGs Straight Arrow" Blood Bay Tobiano Standardbred Gelding *For Sale*
"KGs Spotted Sunshade" Chestnut Tobiano North American Spotted Draft Colt *Donation to TIBBP*
"KGs Saharan Spirit" Liver Chestnut Sabino-Rabicano Arabian Stallion *For Sale*
"KGs Proud To Be Loud" Black Blanket Clydesdale-Appaloosa Cross Colt *Donation to TIBBP*
"KGs Musical Dissonance" Black Leopard Appaloosa Sports Horse Gelding *Sold*
"KGs Gypsy Silver" Dapple Silver Black Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Colt *Commision*
"KGs Guilty Pleasures" Flaxen Liver Chestnut Sabino-Rabicano Paso Fino Mare *For Sale*
"KGs Delicatessen" Black Bay Leopard Pinzgauer-Noriker Mare *For Sale*
"KGs Davy's Heart" and "KGs Heart of the Ocean" Flaxen Liver Chestnut Sabino-Rabicano American Warmblood Mare & Filly. *Commisions*
"KGs Chocolate Kiss" Dapple Silver Black Sabino Gypsy Vanner Colt. *Donation to TIBBP*
"KGs Centerfold Heat" Black Blanket Walkaloosa Mare. *For Sale*