Thursday, May 29, 2008

"KGs Haggina Marina" is Here!

Thats right folks, here she is. This pretty lady is heading on her way to be sold to benefit "The International Blessed Broodmare Project" (TIBBP). This Mini Haggis has been resculpted into a "Haggina" by artist Deb Buckler of Resins by Randy into a Grade Drafter Mare. Just the type that TIBBP rescues.
"KGs Haggina Marina" was inspired by a large group of mare's we rescued this last year. These blue roan beauties were stunning. many having both Dapple and Reverse Dapples in there roaning. I've finnished Marina off with some light sunbleaching to her black points, and just a splash of color to show that Yes, I painted her! You all know how much I love my splashes!