Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shetland Pony & More....

I'd like to first introduce "KGs Kidnap My Heart" this is the Yankee II resin sculpted by Paul Sanders.

This lovely Morgan Stallion has been finnished to a Flaxen Black Liver Chestnut Sabino.

And yes folks, this lovely boy is all mine! I MIGHT be tempted but not for anything less than $1200.

Next we have "KGs My Midnight Rose" a Breyer Classic Quarter Horse Foal model painted to a deep Mahogany Bay Blanket Appaloosa Filly.This lovely lady is for sale for $60. This next model is a traditional scale Ceramic stock horse mare thats been finnished to a Flaxen Liver Chestnut Splash Sabino Paint Horse Mare by the name of "KGs Independant Streak" completed on July 4th. She is for sale for $200.

This last handsome little devil is "KGs Mr Hot Pants" This stunning shetland pony stud was resculpted by Stephanie Lynn Hicks, and painted by me to a Blood Bay Roan Frame Overo. This little guy has so much personality. He was suppose to remain in my collection, however, I have decided to sell him. He'll soon be joining Esthers Herd!