Friday, April 30, 2010

New! Warmblood & Appaloosa

Something new from the studio!
"KGs War Zone" is a Richly shaded Liver Sorrel Rabicano-Sabino American Warmblood Stallion. Completed on the Breyer Stablemate G2 Warmblood mold. he has loads of details including a very crisp & clean pattern. $55. + Shipping for this lovely fellow.
"KGs Spring Fever" is a wildly spotted Liver Chestnut Blanket Appalosoa Mare. She is loaded with Appaloosa Characteristics as well. She is done on the Breyer Stablemate G2 Thoroughbred mold. This little mare is currently on hold though the month of May, if she's not paid for by the end she will be back up for sale. Listed at $55. + shipping
Tibbi Searchers "Pete" resin, a lovely little grade draft gelding in stablemate scale. Im painting him a wild Dapple Tobiano and he will be for sale as "KGs Silver Cadet" for about $200 - $250. Havnt decided yet. Make me an offer and get your money down now if you wish to hold him.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you have Donkey Fever?

Ok folks, I just got 2 new Breyer Standing Donkeys in the mail today; both have already been prepped and are ready for a new face-lift. So I am offering two slots, normally I would horde this mold, but I just got drawn for the newest Breyer Connoisseur (the new Appaloosa one) and have to come up with funding. So my loss is your gain!
Your choice of colors custom ordered:
Black: $75.
White: $80.
Other Solid Color: $95.
Black Spotted: $110.
Any other color spotted: $135
Offers open until Saturday, May 24th. I request half down before I start, and the rest upon completion.
Models will be matte finished with glossy show hooves, glossed eyes & nostrils for that 'wet' look, fully mapped markings for the spotted variations. Each model will also come with a Pony Bag (fleece or flannel depending on what I have available. Also they will each have a Certificate of Authenticity, show photos, and a few extra goodies just because I can.
And for those interested, for a small additional fee I can even put together custom fitted leather stock halters & matching leads for these two. I use quality leather & Rio Rondo hardware:
$15. Black, Brown, Russet or Natural.
$18. White.
$1. additional for gold hardware instead of silver.
Please email me at for request or questions.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not so new yet still new...

Well, there new to the blog but I annouced them on my list a while ago. These are the newest Maggie Bennet Micro Mini molds!
"KGs King Percy" Mahogany Bay Sabino-Rabicano Gypsy Vanner Stallion. Being sold through EquinArt Creations.
"KGs Gypsy Solitude" Dirty Black Tovero Gypsy Vanner Stallion. Owned by Jeanne Grunert.
"KGs Celtic Thunder" Mahogany Bay Sabino Clydesdale Stallion. Owned by Jeanne Grunert.
"KGs Flaires Choice" Liver Sorrel Sabino Welsh Cob Section C Gelding. This is the older Maggie Bennet "Cob" produced back in her first year. This pretty boy is owned by me.
"KGs Edens Moon" Mahogany Bay Andalusian Mare. Owned by Kathy Gouyton.
Remember folks, Ill paint any Micro Mini for another of the same Micro Mini, this is like getting over 50% off on the paint job!