Monday, December 15, 2008

New! New! and more New!

Pictures are finally here!
"KGs Chocolate Smash" Mahogany Bay Overo-Sabino Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. Custom Breyer Stablemate G3 Tennessee Walker Mold. This pretty mare is for sale! At a LOW Price for the amount of work and detail. Only $55.
"KGs Peppercorn Fly" Liver Sorrel Extended Blanket Mule. This darling Micro Mini is on his way back to EquineArt Creations! Look for him there!
"KGs Autumn Rain" Dapple Liver Chestnut Sabino-Rabicano Arabian Mare. Another Micro Mini on her way to EquineArt Creations!
"KGs Autumn Rain" and "KGs Autumn Mist"
"KGs Autumn Mist" Liver Chestnut Sabino-Rabcicano Arabian Colt. This little tiny Micro Mini boy is heading back to EquineArt Creations with his mom! Look for him there.
"KGs Chance of Heart" Bay Blanket Ara-Appalosoa Stallion. Congrat's to Marisa H. This handsome gentleman is on his way home to his new mom. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Art

Some new images will be appearing in my CafePress Store. The work to get my store up and running is taking time, but hopefully before too long the following images will join my others.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

KGs Sweet Surprise

Introducing "KGs Sweet Surprise" Star Dapple Mahogany bay Splash Overo Paint Horse Mare. Custom on the Breyer Lady Phase mold. This pretty mare was ment for my personal collection, but some upcoming vet bills have made me decide to sell her.

She will be available for bid for the month of December 2008.
Starting bid $200.
Current Offer $250. Buyer E.J. 12/3/2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

KGs Too Many Dominos

Here he is folks, "KGs Too Many Dominos" this little guy is on his way back to Jeanne Grunert of EquinArt Creations. He may or may not be for sale. LOL! Yes, yet again Im getting these poor innocent Resin sellers hooked on my work! Domino is a Stablemate scale Resin "Jogging Horse" quarter horse mold by Maggie Bennet. Transformed here as a Black Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Stallion. This pretty boy has had his flesh pinked, his hooves glossed and his spots mapped! He is just loaded with details!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey-Day to everyone! May your food be tasty and your bellies plump!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Canine Necklace

Something new, and created by my sister Kathy Gouyton of Black Eagle Crafts, these pewter pendants are strung on cording with lovely dyed & cut aluminum beads. Shown here Sarah wears an Equine Pengant with stunning bright blue beads.
Shown slightly crooked, but she didn't want to hold still for pictures very long. LOL!
Many designs are available from Horses to Leaves, Spiders to Trees. An assortment of crosses and celtic designs. More pictures coming soon. Also available different aluminum beads depending on your dogs color! Red, green, blue and more.
Sarah sits here in the midst of Dog Scarves sporting her new necklace. Please feel free to e-mail me, if you are interested in any of these items.

Craft Fair

Well, I couldn't resist once I realized that I HAD left my camera in my purse. So here is Sarah, sitting amidst row after row of dog scarves. I snapped three quick shots of her. Please ignore the fuzzy legs of humans walking swiftly past as we sat there thinking just how cute she was. LOL!
Yes we take full advantage of the fact that she is my service dog and is therefore allowed in the mall, and we put her to work looking cute and attracting the customers to come goob over the Chihuahua and browse for some new doggy items.
Here she is gazing fondly at my sister who happends to be 3 tables down and is eating her lunch.

Sarah "Oh, oh is she offering... please... please... damn, she ate the last bite."
And yes, I finally did get her to stop watching Kathy long enough to look at the camera.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"KGs Pumpkin Patch"

Sorry for the lateness of the post. Were a bit overwhelmed at the moment between photographing the collection, and now packing some of my personal collection for storage. Yes that's right, at over 6000 model horses I'm finally running out of shelf space... well actually. been running out for a long time. But I decided packed horses in bins will take up less space than towers of horses still MIB/NIB. Plus we still have a lot of painting to do (And when I say a lot, I mean TONS, HEAPS, MASSIVE MOUNTAINS, LOL). But this guy has been done & shipped and with his new mom for so long, I had forgotten I never posted pictures.
So here he is, introducing "KGs Pumpkin Patch" Sun-bleached Blue Roan Blanket-Leopard Noriker/Belgian/Mustang cross PMU Stallion. This stunning stud is owned by Deb Buckler of Resins by Randy, and no, she's not selling him. LOL! Done on the "Igor" Traditional Scale Draft mold this guy was a painstaking complicated paint job with detail after detail added. I adored painting him, but at the same time, I'm so glad he's done and out of here.

Anyways, here's your newest update. Ill probably have another batch of models to show off here soon. I'm finishing some Micro Minis & Resin Stablemates for Jeanne Grunert of EquineArt Creations, all of which I'm sure will be for sale.

I also have a Custom Lady Phase I was going to add to my own collection that I might be tempted to offer for the right price. The only clue to what she looks like "Splash Overo" Ill let your imaginations come up with the rest. I can tell you her name is "KGs Sweet Promises" and obviously she's a Paint Horse Mare.

Oh, and don't forget, this is craft fair season. I have next weekend, and then one weekend in December where you can find me at Nugget Mall (Juneau, Alaska) our booth is in front of hearthside Books as always. My sisters has her jewelry including some beautiful new sets and stunning new earring designs, and as always Ill have Dog Scarves, Collar Covers, Cushion Covers/Dog Blankets, all at our same stunning low prices! Drop by and meat Sarah, she'll be laying in her dog bed atop the table like always!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey folks, just thought Id post an update since no one has herd from me in a few days. Im sick... miserably sick.... Serious cough mixed with a massive ear infection that has left me currently completely def on my left side. Its so annoying.... So, yah, Im miserable, and as soon as I can stop hacking my lungs up, Ill be getting back to work. Anyways, just thought I ought to let people know what was going on...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Photo Backdrops

Greetings all, Im home from my trip and I have a ton of new photos that Ill be adding to my Model Horse Photo Backdrop Collection. This includes everything from beach shots to Wyoming prairie shots.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another new Mini!

"KGs Gypsy Pride" Blood Bay Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Stallion. On the Micro Scale Model "Friesian" by sculpting artist Maggie Bennet. Owned by Kathy Gouyton.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Micro Mini Andalusian

Here he is "KGs Romanesque" this itty bitty Andalusian Stallion is owned by Kathy Gouyton. If the name sounds familiar, its because Kathy is one fo my Elder Sisters. Ive gotten her hooked!

Friday, September 19, 2008


"KGs Rave Reviews"
Blood Bay Roan Blanket PMU Draft Cross.
Custom Breyer Stablemate G1 Drafter Mold
Owned by Holly Evans

"KGs Iron Pride"
Grulla Brindle Spanish Mustang Stallion
Custom Resin Deseo Mold
Owned by Karen Dietrich

Thursday, September 4, 2008

In the works....

These are in no particular order and are all in various stages of progression:

  • Igor - Deb Buckler/Resins by Randy
  • Momma & Baby Llama - Deb/RBR
  • Dartanian CM - Deb Buckler/RBR
  • Haggis - Kathy Gouyton
  • Derby - Kathy Gouyton
  • SM Andy to Unicorn - Kathy Gouyton
  • Bartimeaus - Kathy Gouyton
  • Metolious - Kathy Gouyton
  • Micro Friesian - Kathy Gouyton
  • Micro Andalusian - Kathy Gouyton
  • SM Peruvian Paso - Jennifer Selby
  • SM Jumper - Sarah H-V
  • Spirit - Marie
  • Show Jumping WB - For Sale
  • Deso - Karen Dietrich
  • Gypsy II - ME
  • PS Pebbles WB - ME
  • Paso Fino - ME
  • Classic WB St. - ME
  • Assorted Stablemates - For Sale
  • SM Drafter - Holly Evans
  • SM Arabian - Marisa Hildebrandt
  • John Henry - Emily Brigg

If I forgot you, please zip me an e-mail and Ill add you to the list. I have over 100 models on my desk right now in various stages of completion. Sometimes I have to dig through notes to remember "ok, who are you for? Oh yah... Duh." *Laughs*

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jennifer S. TWH

Where here she is, my newest creation. A custom order for Jennifer S. "KGs Sweet Surpize" is a Black Sabino Tennessee Walking Horse Mare on the Breyer Stablemate Generation 3 TWH Mold.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Im Home! Photos from Camping!

Ok, I couldn't resist sharing these images! New photos from my camping trip! Believe it or not folks, these pictures were taken 45 minutes from where I live! This is regular viewing here in Alaska!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New, new, new....

"KGs Roan Me Ragged" Mahogany Bay Overo Oldenburg Stallion. This little guy is a rarity, and as I was doing him, it just confirmed the fact that I cant stand etchies! *Laugh* Etched to detail including mapping on his markings and even patches of roaning and rabicano stripes.
"KGs Wild N Willing" and he is soooo wild! This Black Tovero-Leopard Stallion is a cross between a Pintabian & an Ara-Appaloosa! I decided not to map him, instead leaving him just black on white to give him that striking vivid appearance.
"KGs Spatter Happy" Black Leopard Appaloosa Filly. This little filly is permanently mounted on a base showing off her spirit and agility as she leaps about.
"KGs Heather's Bell" Blue Roan Sabino Clydesdale-Belgian Cross PMU Mare. Yes, a mare, Ive re-sculpted this lovely little gal including carved ears and hooves. She's been redone to a charming rescue mare of mixed breeding, the type of horse "The International Blessed Broodmare Project" would rescue.
"KGs Red Devil" Blood Bay Frame Overo Mustang Stallion. With his eyes wide and teeth bared this little stallion will keep all your other SM's in line.
"KGs Bluebell's Ring" Blue Roan Sabino Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. There is something just so striking about this mold. Another one I may be tempted to keep if she doesn't sell soon.
"KGs Cocoa Bean" Black Tovero-Leopard Miniature Horse Gelding. This mold can be so much fun to paint. This little darling is just wild and so needs a show home! His flashy pattern is fully mapped!