Monday, December 15, 2008

New! New! and more New!

Pictures are finally here!
"KGs Chocolate Smash" Mahogany Bay Overo-Sabino Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. Custom Breyer Stablemate G3 Tennessee Walker Mold. This pretty mare is for sale! At a LOW Price for the amount of work and detail. Only $55.
"KGs Peppercorn Fly" Liver Sorrel Extended Blanket Mule. This darling Micro Mini is on his way back to EquineArt Creations! Look for him there!
"KGs Autumn Rain" Dapple Liver Chestnut Sabino-Rabicano Arabian Mare. Another Micro Mini on her way to EquineArt Creations!
"KGs Autumn Rain" and "KGs Autumn Mist"
"KGs Autumn Mist" Liver Chestnut Sabino-Rabcicano Arabian Colt. This little tiny Micro Mini boy is heading back to EquineArt Creations with his mom! Look for him there.
"KGs Chance of Heart" Bay Blanket Ara-Appalosoa Stallion. Congrat's to Marisa H. This handsome gentleman is on his way home to his new mom. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Art

Some new images will be appearing in my CafePress Store. The work to get my store up and running is taking time, but hopefully before too long the following images will join my others.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

KGs Sweet Surprise

Introducing "KGs Sweet Surprise" Star Dapple Mahogany bay Splash Overo Paint Horse Mare. Custom on the Breyer Lady Phase mold. This pretty mare was ment for my personal collection, but some upcoming vet bills have made me decide to sell her.

She will be available for bid for the month of December 2008.
Starting bid $200.
Current Offer $250. Buyer E.J. 12/3/2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

KGs Too Many Dominos

Here he is folks, "KGs Too Many Dominos" this little guy is on his way back to Jeanne Grunert of EquinArt Creations. He may or may not be for sale. LOL! Yes, yet again Im getting these poor innocent Resin sellers hooked on my work! Domino is a Stablemate scale Resin "Jogging Horse" quarter horse mold by Maggie Bennet. Transformed here as a Black Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Stallion. This pretty boy has had his flesh pinked, his hooves glossed and his spots mapped! He is just loaded with details!