Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Im Home! Photos from Camping!

Ok, I couldn't resist sharing these images! New photos from my camping trip! Believe it or not folks, these pictures were taken 45 minutes from where I live! This is regular viewing here in Alaska!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New, new, new....

"KGs Roan Me Ragged" Mahogany Bay Overo Oldenburg Stallion. This little guy is a rarity, and as I was doing him, it just confirmed the fact that I cant stand etchies! *Laugh* Etched to detail including mapping on his markings and even patches of roaning and rabicano stripes.
"KGs Wild N Willing" and he is soooo wild! This Black Tovero-Leopard Stallion is a cross between a Pintabian & an Ara-Appaloosa! I decided not to map him, instead leaving him just black on white to give him that striking vivid appearance.
"KGs Spatter Happy" Black Leopard Appaloosa Filly. This little filly is permanently mounted on a base showing off her spirit and agility as she leaps about.
"KGs Heather's Bell" Blue Roan Sabino Clydesdale-Belgian Cross PMU Mare. Yes, a mare, Ive re-sculpted this lovely little gal including carved ears and hooves. She's been redone to a charming rescue mare of mixed breeding, the type of horse "The International Blessed Broodmare Project" would rescue.
"KGs Red Devil" Blood Bay Frame Overo Mustang Stallion. With his eyes wide and teeth bared this little stallion will keep all your other SM's in line.
"KGs Bluebell's Ring" Blue Roan Sabino Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. There is something just so striking about this mold. Another one I may be tempted to keep if she doesn't sell soon.
"KGs Cocoa Bean" Black Tovero-Leopard Miniature Horse Gelding. This mold can be so much fun to paint. This little darling is just wild and so needs a show home! His flashy pattern is fully mapped!