Tuesday, March 18, 2008

KGs Hydro Power - Mini Haggis Resin!

Well, I did this guy for Deb Buckler of Resins by Randy, and my sister fell in love with him. So sorry folks, he wont be making it home to RBR He's already been sold. BUT that doesn't mean you dont get your chance to drool over him!

So here he is "KGs Hydro Power" Black-Bay Tobiano North American Spotted Drafter Gelding.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

NAN Q'd!

Yup thats right, one of my customers let me know that a pretty boy I had painted for her had NAN Qualified!

Here he is: "KGs King Midas" Dapple Bay Arabian Stallion! Custom on the EquineArt Micro Arabian Stallion mold sculpted by Maggie Bennet!

Congratulations Marisa Hildebrandt!

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Customs...

Well, got them done and up, here's the new Customs!

"KGs Big Boomer" 50% Donation
"KGs Apple Blossom" 50% Donation

"KGs Harmonics" 50% Donation

"KGs Ink Storm" 50% Donation

"KGs Gilliant Gold" 50% Donation

"KGs Snow Flurry" 50% Donation
I really want to keep this one, so if she doesn't sell, it means she's meant to stay home.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

2 Stone Chips...

2 more stone chips now available, photos coming Sunday (I hope).

"KGs Apple Blossom" Bay Blanket Pony of the Americas Cross Mare. She's a little cutey loaded down with mapping and haloed spots. Loads of details!
and I'm donating 25% to TIBBP.
Price: $60.
Donation to TIBBP: 25% = $15.

"KGs Ink Storm" Grey Marble Leopard Mule Mare. She's as flashy as a spotted mule can get and fully loaded!
and I'm donating 25% to TIBBP.
Price: $60.
Donation to TIBBP: 25% = $15.


Webpage Update

Well I’m hacking apart my web page yet again, but I think I FINALLY found a design I like. Keep your fingers crossed; we’ll see how long this layout lasts! Tomorrow, Saturday, Ill get the next batch of customs up and ready for Lori on Sunday. So just hang in there, new pictures on Sunday! Lots of them!

For any of my old customers, I'm working on a new references page. If anyone has the time, send me a line at StoneWolf99801@yahoo.com with the following information to post:

- Name
- E-mail
- Transaction
- Comment

Thanks and G'night all.

Friday, March 7, 2008

In the beginning....

In the beginning, there was a blank page…

What's been going on at Stone Wolf Creations lately? A LOT! We are deep into a pile of Stablemates and other donated bodies that will be sold off to help towards “The International Blessed Broodmare Project”, a few commission pieces, and a whole lot of models to get ready for Breyerfest.

Yes, that’s right, after nearly 30 years in the hobby, I’m finally getting to go to Breyerfest! And I'm so looking for ward to it. No vendors table, after all this is my first year and I want to see everything, but I will be selling customs out of my room after hours, and a whole lot more. Model horse buttons, horse jewelry, pony show bags, and much much more.

And don’t forget, where I go, Sarah goes. So all you who have wanted to meet my little service dog Sarah, she’ll be with me as well.

Talking about the Blessed Broodmare Project, I’ve been working on a lot of customs that are mine (not commissions or donations) that will be up for sale to help fund B-fest, new paints, and new brushes. My brush collection is looking pretty pathetic. But, I also plan on donating a portion of all of my sales to TIBBP as well.

Pictures will be coming soon, but here is what’s coming up:

Custom Breyer Stablemate G3 Belgian Mold
Sculpting: Added stallion parts, full-length mane, and new loose flippy tail.
KGs Big Boomer” dark bay tobiano belgian cross stallion.
Price: $80.
Donation to TIBBP: 50% = $40.

Custom Peter Stone Chips Mule Mold.
KGs Snow Flurry” bay reverse leopard/snow flake spotted mule mare.
This lady is WOW from top to bottom. I have a weakness for mules and this one breaks my heart to let her go. But I need paintbrushes, and I'm donating 25% to TIBBP.
Price: $60.
Donation to TIBBP: 25% = $15.

Custom Peter Stone Chips Pony
KGs Gillian Gold” star-dapple dun Hucul pony mare.
Another one I hate to let go, im having a blast painting these stone chips.
Price: $60.
Donation to TIBBP: 25% = $15.

Those are the completed ones as of this moment (6:01am Friday morning)

Also upcoming….

PS Chips Friesian – Dapple Liver Sorrel
PS Chips Mule – Grey Marble leopard
PS Chips Pony – Bay Blanket
PS Chips Warmblood – Black Semi-Leopard

Body donated by H&H Winners Circle, Breyer Stablemate G2 Clydesdale to a Black Bay Sabino on custom base. 100% donation to TIBBP.

That’s it for now, pictures definitely coming soon!